• Spicy, Lime Cilantro & Ginger BBQ Sauce Bundle

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    One jar of each of the following:
    Spicy Barbecue Sauce: (12 oz)
    Feel the heat with the bold flavors of cayenne, poblano & jalapeño peppers. Fresh onions & garlic round out the barbecue experience, making your taste buds scream for more!

    Ginger Sesame Barbecue Sauce: (12 oz) 
    Fresh ginger and toasted sesame seeds are at the center of this sauces flavor profile. If your feeling adventurous, this is the experience for you!

    Lime Cilantro Barbecue Sauce: (12 oz)
    The refreshing taste of lime and bold scent of cilantro instantly remind you of a summer evening celebrating with friends!